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Epstein: NNPS is a Bold Idea

Over the past 25 years, NNPS has assisted more than 5,000 schools—and several hundred districts, educational organizations, and state departments of education—to plan, implement, and continually improve their partnership programs.” The article shows that Joyce...

Possibilities and Possible Futures

Steven B. Sheldon, Ph.D. Associate Director, NNPS, and Associate Professor of Education There is a phenomenon, prolepsis, which refers to our tendency to make assumptions about the future before it happens. More simply, sometimes we base our current actions...

Work on Partnerships Helps Solve COVID-19 Challenges

Brenda G. Thomas, NNPS Senior Facilitator As we all try to grasp the impact of COVID-19 on society as a whole, we focus especially on the changes that have affected the world of education. Teachers quickly changed how they teach to assure that their students would...


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