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National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS)

The Center’s projects aim to increase an understanding of practices of partnership that help all children succeed in elementary, middle, and high schools in rural, suburban, and urban areas. Current projects include the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS). NNPS builds the capacity of school, district, and state leaders to implement and improve their programs of family and community engagement by providing inservice education, ongoing professional development, and coaching to network members.

Learn more about NNPS here.

International Network of Scholars (INET)

The Center on School, Family, and Community Partnerships organizes an International Network of Scholars (INET), including researchers from the U. S. and over 40 nations who are working on topics of school, family, and community partnerships. Biennial International Roundtables and on-going opportunities for visiting scholars are supported by the Center.  Also, INET collaborates with international colleagues in the European Research Network about Parents in Education (ERNAPE) sharing research, information and notices about conferences and roundtables. 

Learn more about INET here.

Continuous Improvement in Secondary Family Engagement

Engaging Families in High School Success (EFIHS) is a collaborative initiative of Seattle Public Schools and Johns Hopkins University (JHU), funded by the U.S. Department of Education. It focuses on the impact of 8th and 9th grade family engagement on increased student attendance and course passing rates – important predictors of on-time student graduation and college enrollment.

Seattle high schools and middle schools are working to implement 8th and 9th grade transition-related family events and activities to engage all families. These activities are reflected on and improved through coaching and inquiry for continuous improvement.

The Importance of Ninth Grade

Scores of national studies consistently point to the importance of 9th grade as a pivotal year in a student’s high school trajectory. Intentional family engagement activities by secondary schools have shown to increase parental efforts in supporting student learning, modeling learning behaviors, and reinforcing the importance of schoolwork and success in school.

Parental support of secondary student learning from home has also been linked to students’ perceptions of themselves as learners, increased motivation to do their best in school, and graduate.


Successful High School Transitions Are Key Focus for Family Engagement Institute
During the Engaging Families in High School Success Institute, teams from 24 participating Seattle schools joined together to reflect on best practice, brainstorm strategies, and network across school communities to increase 8th and 9th grade families engagement rates.

Tackling Two ‘Danger Zones’ of Freshman Year: Attendance and Homework
Ingraham High School and Jane Addams Middle School are teaming up to engage families through their children’s transition from 8th to 9th grade in this Education Week article.

Access resources for District Leaders, School Teams, and Families here.